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Four Walls w/ The Talk, Innocence and Daze

February 13 @ 3:40 pm - 4:54 pm

Four Walls

Grace Molotsi, a married nurse from the township, feels trapped and at her wits end due to an abusive husband who has made her life a living nightmare. When she finally makes the decision to end his life, her house is invaded by two thugs on the run from a robbery gone wrong who take her hostage. Will the thugs be able to trust Grace when they discover her tied up unconscious husband in the bedroom? How will Grace be able to explain the various revelations that arise once her husband regains consciousness? Four Walls provides insight on the systematic societal issue of Gender Based Violence (GBV) posing the question, just how far do victims have to go to be heard and protected?

The Talk

Manu is on his usual walk home from a swim lesson when he finds himself in deep trouble. The cashier at his neighborhood convenience store doesn’t recognize him and is suspicious. After Manu buys his snack and continues walking home, he senses something lurking behind him. He realizes he’s being followed by a police car, and tries to keep calm. All the while, he is guided by the voice of his mother, who has been teaching him how to swim, and giving him the talk, the one that mothers give their sons about how to stay afloat in the world as a Black boy. Manu gets home unscathed, but recalls the painful memory of his best friend, who was not so lucky.


After witnessing several instances of racial bias, a young Black boy’s worldview is forever changed. 



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