Akwaaba: The Awakening


A group of African-Americans from Los Angeles, California travel to Africa The Motherland for the first time. This documentary traces the "Trailblazers" journey through many different countries over a four-year span of time. They travel to Ghana, The Gambia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Mali. Join them on their Sankofa journey of discovery.


Ayuko Babu, Dominique DiPrima, Uchenna Nworgu, Patricia Hodges, Paul Babatunde, Dawn Sutherland, Betty Arnold, The Trailblazers, The Sunday Morning Girls, Raul F. Jatta, Sybil D. Jatta, Jack Ellis.

directed by

Sybil D. Jatta

director's bio

Sybil D. Jatta, singer, songwriter, actress, producer, film maker, documentarian, comes from a family of Jazz musicians. As a director she has written and directed many theatrical stage productions. AKWAABA: The Awakening is her documentary film directing debut, and she is honored to share this project with the prestigious PAFF Film Festival Evolution.


Sybil D. Jatta


Sybil D. Jatta, Raul F. Jatta Executive Producers, Betty Arnold, Dawn Sutherland Associate Producers


90 minutes


Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, US


Feature Documentary


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