Ash Land


A portrait of a Black woman who has turned her back on herself, afflicted by a quiet, insidious malaise. Her once-beloved refuge is now a den for survival, and rituals that were once joyous have become militaristic attempts at de-stressing. Compounded by the pandemic, she can no longer outrun the internal torment. When an enigmatic spirit finally catches up to her, she cultivates an understanding of true restoration and rebirth that reignites her love of Ashland. In this film, our proposal to humanity is simple: We are the ones we have been waiting for. We must heal us. We must cultivate our own joy. We must inhabit spaces in the fullness of our truth. We must love ourselves inclusive of and not in spite of our mortal wounds. We Black. We in Oregon. Look at us.


Kamilah Long, Cyndii Johnson

directed by

Shariffa Ali

director's bio

Shariffa Chelimo Ali, an international creative committed to advancing radical change through the power of art and activism, works across disciplines directing films, VR, & plays, encouraging audiences to engage with issues of Black, Afropolitan, and African-American identities. She has a BA with honors, Theatre and Performance, University of Cape Town.


Banna Desta


Adrian Alea, Courtney Williams, Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter (EP)


20 minutes




Short Narrative


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