A meditation on contemporary African womanhood, "Binti" tells the tale of four contemporay women characters in Dar es Salaam in four chapters. We enter the film through Tumaini, a fledgling small-business owner whose traumatic past collides with her present reality when an ill-advised scheme goes awry. Enter Angel, an alluring beauty with a fairytale existence that is slowly revealed to be rotting at its core. Stella and Rose round out the four chapters as they navigate the complexities of marriage, motherhood and great expectations. Premiering in honor of International Women's Day, March 8.


Godliver Gordian, Bertha Robert, Magdalena Munisi, Helen Hartmann

directed by

Seko Shamte

director's bio

Seko Shamte, a Tanzanian film producer, writer and director, started her own production company, Alkemist Media in 2008, producing programs and films about Tanzania and Africa for international distribution. Features on CNN's "Inside Africa," including a story on Hashim Thabeet, Tanzania's NBA basketball. Other works include "Homecoming" which screened at PAFF 2017.


Seko Shamte, Angela Ruhinda


Alinda Ruhinda, Angela Ruhinda and Seko Shamte


105 minutes




Feature Narrative