Black Lady Goddess


A satirical Afro-futuristic series set in the year 2040 when humans on earth now have a connection to their creator in outer space. It follows the life of a young activist by the name of Ifeoma Johnson who is coming into her own in a time when humans have not only found out that God is a Black Woman, but after reparations have been issued in the amount of $455,000 to each person of African descent. The first season showcases the chaos that unfolds following this development. Black Lady Goddess emerges as a symbol of the end of White Supremacy and privilege and as a pillar of strength and power to women and people of color around the world.


Shanna Bess, Tonya Pinkins, Michael Oloyede, Andre Ozim, Darlyn Adugyamfi, Michael Bonini, Qurrat Kadwani, Amandy Colby Stewart, Ronald Emilie, Jennifer Joseph

directed by

Chelsea Odufu

director's bio

Chelsea Odufu, an award-winning Nigerian, Guyanese, American filmmaker, fuses her passion for culture and afro-futurism to highlight the uniqueness of underrepresented groups on screen. Chelsea recently completed her new afro-futuristic TV pilot Black Lady Goddess and will be headed to Senegal to participate in Kehinde Wiley's Black Rock Senegal Artist in Residence program.


Chelsea Odufu


Chelsea Odufu, Emann Odufu, Deirdre Odufu


27 minutes




Short Narrative


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