Bob Watt in Conversation with Todd Cochran


Two lifelong artists - pianist, composer, conceptual artist Todd Cochran and French hornist Bob Watt, the first African American hornist in a major American symphony orchestra, are engaged in a conversation that touches on creating without boundaries and reaching beyond constructs and clichés. Here the pathways of a Black American classical music pioneer and a contemporary jazz pianist and composer intersect in the creating of a visionary recording. A coming-of-age story, emboldening philosophy, and how passionate classical musicians of African descent are creating art that is defining the 21st century.

directed by

Todd Cochran

director's bio

Todd Cochran is a pianist, composer, conceptual visual artist with a focus on evolving philosophies, the possibilities of art, the universality of the Black storytelling and expanding the palette of 21st century creativity. His art includes producing/directing short films.


Todd Cochran


15 minutes




Short Documentary