Caged Birds


Jordan Lucas is an affluent, Black high school senior counting down the days until college. He's constantly bullied and lacks the confidence to stand up for himself. When his prideful cousin, EJ, is humiliated by a white bully, Blake, he recruits Jordan and Kevonte, a bussed-in student from the other side of the tracks, to play a robbery prank on Blake. When the prank goes bad, the three boys struggle to avoid being caught. In the process, they are each forced to confront the personal demons that come with being Black in the suburbs.


Kamil McFadden, Bentley Green, Khalil Kain, Christian Menace, Aaliyah Muhammad,Justin Duncan, Angel Henson Smith, Timothy Walter, Trevor Huckabee, Damon Carney, Kenneisha Thompson, Grant Redmond, Nathaniel Ashton, Rocco Hill, Richard Ray, Daniel Ross Owens, Ryan Graves, Gena West, William Colburn, Beau Thompson.

directed by

Fredrick Leach

director's bio

Fredrick Leach grew up in Texas and attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, earning degrees in history and film. He spent three years teaching U.S. history via Teach for America before moving to Los Angeles in 2015.


Fredrick Leach


Edwin Walker, Fredrick Leach, Tangier Clark


87 minutes




Feature Narrative