City On the Hill


A perceptive film examining the realities of gentrification in San Francisco, CA, home to the highest housing costs in the country. The Bay Area currently has the third largest homeless population in the U.S. at more than 28,000 people. Tech giant Google has pledged $1 billion to build more housing in the Bay Area. The plan includes 15,000 units on its own land, 5,000 additional affordable units over the next decade, and $50 million in grants to help non-profits who are combating homelessness and displacement. This ubiquitous exploration of a current day urban landscape exposes the residual effects of the tech boom, what made San Francisco into the great city it is, and what can be done to save its increasingly displaced population, interviewing civil rights leaders, politicians, Bay-Area natives, and small business owners. Interviews with Former Secretary Benjamin S. Carson, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development; Rev. Dr. Amos C. Brown, long time civil rights activist and president of the San Francisco branch of the NAACP; Miguel Bustos, Senior Director, Center for Social Justice | Glide Foundation; Nancy Conrad, wife of Legendary Astronaut Pete Conrad; Jessica Donig, Executive Director of San Francisco-based Miracle Messages; Bay-Area natives and small-business owners who progressively face harsh realities. Award: Best Feature Documentary, ARFF Amsterdam 2020


Secretary Ben Carson, Reverend Amos Brown, Miguel Bustos, Nancy Conrad

directed by

Xavier Underwood

director's bio

Xavier Underwood currently serves as Head of Production for the country's largest minority-owned broadcast television company, Howard Stirk Holdings. As a small business owner, Underwood integrates 13+ years of experience in business, marketing, and design with his consulting firm specializing in brand development & social marketing.


Xavier Underwood


Xavier Underwood, Armstrong Williams, Shirley Dave, Adam Fleishman, Anthony Carr


58 minutes




Feature Documentary


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