Comin' Up Short


The true story of Shorty (Jerome Muhammad) a member of "Da Lench Mob," one of the most controversial platinum and gold rap recording groups of all time led by Ice Cube. At the age of 11, Shorty formed a notorious deadly street gang in South Central and went on to become one of the most feared Gang Bangers in Los Angeles. Upon release from prison, he became Ice Cube's personal security against the threats from Cube's former group N.W.A. Shorty's sole testimony is a colorful monologue that recants verified true stories about criminal activities and imprisonment to finding his purpose through gang intervention all while racing against time to save his own life.


Shorty, Da Lench Mob, Ice Cube, BOO-YA T.R.I.B.E., Bigg Tray Deee, Frost, Julio G, RBX, Tank, J-Dee, T-Bone, Yo Yo,Squeak Ru, Public Enemy, Joshua Kublaikhan Muhammad, Kaedyn Smith, Shawn Nichols. Alessandro Ashanti Bovoso, Shannon "Nia Ali" Royal, Marvin Poches Love, Malcom Poches Love, Zion Royal, Jermaine Jalil Moore, Jason Brown

directed by

Queen Muhammad Ali, Hakeem Khaaliq

director's bio

Award-winning director team Queen Muhammad Ali and Hakeem Khaaliq have directed films in 7 countries and lectured in universities and organizations globally, developing a model that merges collaborative conceptual art practices�partially steeped in Activism, Edutainment, and Visual Anthropology.


Queen Muhammad Ali, Hakeem Khaaliq


Steven Muhammad-El, Queen Muhammad Ali, Ice Cube


59 minutes




Feature Documentary