Eavesdropping on the Elders


Hindered by the severe weakness caused by ALS, activist/author Jim Clingman struggles to continue his fight for Black rights. Miles away at school, his daughter Kiah, isolates herself from the pains of his disease and unconsciously flees from her father´┐Żs prolific legacy. With a major paper due sooner than anticipated and a need to go home to take care of her dad, she's backed into a corner, confronted with lessons from the past.


Kiah Alexandria Clingman, CJ Sykes, Mac Wells, Brittany Inge, Jarrett Michael Collins, Miko DeFoor, Terayle Hill, Todd Anthony Manaigo, Khalimah Gaston, Candice Singleton, Briana Starks, Chad Chambers, Roxzane Mims, Reece Odum, Jim Clingman, Sylvia Clingman, Phil Franks, Salena Alston, Tillman Chambers

directed by

Kiah Clingman, Robinson Vil

director's bio

Kiah Alexandria Clingman, a passionate content creator who merges her corporate skills with her creative talents, is a 2020 Southern Producers Lab Fellow. Robinson Vil relocated to Atlanta from Haiti. He attended Georgia State University before discovering his passion for film. His short film, "Dark Secrets," was nominated for Best Short Film at PAFF 2007.


Kiah Clingman, CJ Sykes


Kiah Clingman, African-American Legacy Network, Amefika Geuka


18 minutes




Short Narrative


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