Executive Order


Set in a dystopian near future in Rio de Janeiro, a lawyer sues the Brazilian government for reparation of all descendants of African slaves in the country. The authoritarian government responds by signing an executive order sending all Black citizens to Africa as an excuse to repay the debts of slavery. Citizens are measured by their skin color, hunted and exiled to Africa against their will. While the army and police enforce the law, he enlists his uncle to find his wife, a doctor who has gone missing, and joins an underground movement. The three of them fight the madness that has taken over the country and spark a resistance that inspires the nation. EXECUTIVE ORDER is the directorial debut of one of Brazil's most acclaimed actors, Lázaro Ramos.


Alfred Enoch, Taís Araujo, Seu Jorge, Adriana Esteves, Renata Sorrah, Mariana Xavier, Flavio Bauraqui, Emicida

directed by

Lázaro Ramos

director's bio

Lázaro Ramos is a Brazilian actor, director, writer and producer. He started his acting career with the Flock of Olodum Theater group, in Salvador, and is best known for his portrayal of João Francisco dos Santos in the 2002 film "Madame Satá," "Executive Order" is his directorial debut.


Lusa Silvestre, Lázaro Ramos


Daniel Filho, Tania Rocha


94 minutes




Feature Narrative