For Maria Ebun Pataki


Derin's delivery gets complicated and eventually the baby is delivered through a Caesarean section. Afolabi is elated to finally drive wife and newborn home. Everything seems to be fine on the surface but soon enough, it becomes clear that all is not well. Derin withdraws from life, from her family and even her new born Maria. She doesn�t share the happiness and joy that comes to most mothers after childbirth. She clashes with her mother-in-law, who had concluded Derin is a "bad mother." Eventually, Derin insists Mama leave the house, placing Afolabi in a difficult position. He agrees to her request, hoping it would bring Derin out of her shell. However, there is no change to Derin's attitude. Afolabi, now ultimately frustrated with the ordeal, decides to take a drastic action which forces the couple to confront the repercussions of the events surrounding Maria's birth. An unusual Nigerian film with a frank look at postpartum depression, mental illness and a very uncommon depiction of modern Nigerian middle-class fatherhood.


Meg Otanwa, Gabriel Afolayan, Tina Mba, Judith Audu, Demi Banwo

directed by

Damilola Orimogunje

director's bio

Damilola Orimogunje is a Nigerian screenwriter and film director whose works have screened in over 40 film festivals. His films have centered on themes such as love, betrayal, depression, and death. He sees himself as part of a new generation of filmmakers making visually compelling and unconventional African content for social change.


Damilola Orimogunje, Tunray Femi


Damilola Orimogunje, David Wyte, Alimi Olalekan


75 minutes




Feature Narrative