It Can Be Done: Ending Homelessness in America


An investigation of the crisis of homelessness in Los Angeles and the United States while challenging the government and citizens that a solution is not only possible but can be done with proper attention and execution. As one solution, it presents as a viable model the Healthy Housing Foundation's efforts to address the problem by building low-income/affordable housing efficiently and economically. Finally, the film chronicles the non-profit's efforts regarding a 2018 Affordable Housing Ballot Initiative, "Yes on 10," through the November 2018 election and the post-election events through the end of 2019.

directed by

Nathan Hale Williams

director's bio

Nathan Hale Williams is a multi-hyphenated entertainment professional who is an award-winning filmmaker, a best-selling and award-winning author, and, entertainment attorney. His film "90 Days" won the PAFF 2019 Festival Vision Award-Short Film. Nathan lives in Los Angeles.


Nathan Hale Williams


Travis Winfrey, Skylar V. Smith, Richard E. Pelzer II


83 minutes




Feature Documentary


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