Brandon Sr. and Nikole are steeped in their day-to-day working-class routine. Father works the graveyard shift, fully devoted to providing for his family, firm in his ideas and beliefs of the world. Mother works a day shift while taking college courses, broadening her scope, learning more and more about the world. They've been a team for 4 years, surmounting the challenges of raising their 4-year-old son, Junior. But one day Junior makes a decision that shatters both his parents perception of gender and parenting, pinning them against each other, with implications that will change their relationship forever.


Ezra J. Stanley, Beteal Sharon Mahari, Carter Young, Thomas Akins, Peter Best, Vaho Tchatchanidze, Scott Reeves, Wednezday Ryan, Sidney Smith, Andrea Ferreyra

directed by

Jehnovah Carlisle

director's bio

Jehnovah Carlisle is an award winning independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. The short films that Carlisle has written, directed and produced have dealt with the realities of African American men haunted by troubled pasts, burdened by institutional racism, and scarred by trauma. These are topics stemming from his own life experiences, and it has been his purpose to address those topics with fresh and unique ways of storytelling.


Jehnovah Carlisle


Allen Ling, Ephraim Walker


12 minutes




Short Narrative


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