Namibia: a country where sodomy is still a crime and gay relationships are stigmatised. Kapana: a way of preparing raw meat, typically beef, in Namibia by grilling it on open fire. The grilled meat is often sold at open markets. Two lives: George is a middle-class insurance broker living in central Windhoek. Simeon is a kapana seller who lives in Katutura, Windhoek�s township. Two secrets. One unlikely meeting in a bar. And the rest is history... Kapana tells the story of two young Namibian men who have nothing in common and yet, against all odds, they fall in love. Exploring themes around love, secrecy, fears and commitment, Kapana looks at the fabric of Namibian society and some of the fears of what is morally acceptable. The first Namibian film featuring a gay love story. Awards: Audience Award, runner up Best International Film, Out on Film Atlanta LGBTQ Film Festival Atlanta 2020


Adriano Visagie, Simon Hanga, Chanwill Vries, Mikiros Garoes, Foreversun Haiduwah, Albertina Hainana, Lukas Paulus, Jeremiah Jeremiah, Felicity Celento, Elize de Wee, Dawie Engelbrecht

directed by

Philippe Talavera

director's bio

Born in France, Philippe Talavera has lived in Namibia since 1997. He created the charity Ombetja Yehinga Organisation in 2001, an NGO aiming at creating social awareness using the arts. Film credits include "Kapana" (2020), "Kukuri" (2018), and "Salute!" (2017).


Senga Brockerhoff, Mikiros Garoes


Philippe Talavera


60 minutes




Feature Narrative