My Father The Mover


Alatha's father calls himself a Mover. Using African dance moves, he helps kids in Khayelitsha township transcend hardship and "find their superpowers." The Mover is also a single father and, while he has helped many kids, he still has difficulty getting his daughter to find her own powers. But in a tender moment together this is all about to change. Award: Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary Short, Tribeca Film Festival 2020


Stoan Galela, Alatha Galela

directed by

Julia Jansch

director's bio

Julia Jansch is a South African filmmaker based in New York. After a decade of experience in development, she plunged into indie waters and set up Point Pictures to tell her own stories. Julia has an MSC in Global Governance and an MBA from Oxford University and a filmmaking diploma from The New York Film Academy.


Julia Jansch


Julia Jansch, Mandilakhe Yengo, Sheila Nevins, James Matthes


13 minutes


South Africa


Short Documentary


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