One Life To Blossom


Meet Black transgender activist and entertainer Blossom C. Brown. Raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Blossom struggled with her identity and her health after being infected with H.I.V. at the age of seventeen. Although life looked dark, Blossom refused to give up on her dreams. Her unlikely journey from grocery store clerk in Jackson to Los Angeles where she becomes a public figure and a voice for Black transgender women is chronicled, proving that dreams do come true.


Blossom C. Brown, Kalena Ranoa, Sarah Parlow, Lucy Feliciano, Tyree Williams

directed by

Alexandrina André

director's bio

Alexandrina André is a first-generation American born in Queens, New York and raised in Florida. Being a first-generation child captivated her in a world of diverse cultural backgrounds that created a desire to tell those diverse stories. Ultimately, she wants to write, direct, and star in her own films and shows.


Alexandrina André


Alexandrina André, Nestor Hernandez


55 minutes




Feature Documentary