Pause (Nigeria)


The prevalent selfish nature of man is showcased recurrently in many regards. However, time is the factor that constantly humbles man. Horology has proven the dominance of the concept of time over man. This pressure exerted by time forces man to expedite the self-discovery process, thereby leading to a daily battle with nature. The foresight is lost in man's selfish pursuit - losing the essence of the value and serenity of nature.


Jammal Ibrahim, Wana Wana, Barthelemy Ndane Senghor, Kewe Lo

directed by

Jammal Ibrahim

director's bio

Jammal Ibrahim is a Nigerian actor, model, presenter and producer. His debut was on Abba Makama's "Green White Green" on Netflix. where he played the role of Baba. He then took on the lead as Amir on Adekunle Nodash Adejuyigbe's "The Delivery Boy," which won best Nigerian Film at The Africa International Film Festival.


Jammal Ibrahim, Wana Wana


Jammal Ibrahim


4 minutes


Nigeria, Senegal


Short Narrative