Poppie Nongena


Based on a true story, Poppie Nongena's life revolves around her family and finding stability in a period of immense upheaval in South Africa. She works as a live-in domestic, visiting her children on weekends. But when her husband, Stone, becomes too ill to maintain his work contract, Poppie is deemed by the law to be an "illegal" and will be forced to leave her home and resettle in a remote area designated as a Black homeland. Trying to prevent her forced removal, she engages in a desperate struggle with the authorities for permission to remain in her home. She moves from job to job, applying for work permits, monthly extensions of permits and appealing through employers and social workers. But she is caught in the crossfire of her children's needs, her husband´┐Żs illness, community anger and repressive laws. Awards: Best Film, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Director, Best Script, Best Cinematography, Best Editor, Best Sound Design, Best Costume Design and Best Hair And Make-up, Silwerskerm (South Africa) Festival


Clementine Mosimane

directed by

Christiaan Olwagen

director's bio

Christiaan Olwagen is an award-winning film director whose early films have already made a strong contribution to the South African industry. A gifted performance director, he is also admired for his distinctive style in visual choreography. He started his career in theatre and is also an award-winning writer and an accomplished actor.


Saartjie Botha, Christiaan Olwagen, Elsa Joubert (novel)


Helena Spring


95 minutes


South Africa


Feature Narrative


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