Standing Ovation


Charles has been cast as the lead in a play about slavery written and directed by acclaimed director Kurt Santiago. Charles is talented and determined. But Kurt is willing to do whatever it takes to get the best performance out of his actors to ensure his reputation, even if that means sinking into the dark abyss of an actors mind to pull out the truest of emotions and pain.


Chase Gutzmore, Alex Tacher, Erick Szot

directed by

Chase Gutzmore

director's bio

Chase Gutzmore was born in Miami, Florida and currently resides in Atlanta. He is an actor first and foremost and has recently decided to venture into filmmaking to further expose and explore his creative side. His previous acting credits include Sony Pictures Vietnam War film "Point Man" and TV One�s "ATL Homicide." He has won multiple awards for both acting and producing and will continue to create and grow as an artist.


Chase Gutzmore, Alex Tacher


Chase Gutzmore, Alex Tacher, Isaac Mead-Long


20 minutes




Short Narrative