Stateless (Apátrida)


In 2013, the Dominican Republic's Supreme Court stripped the citizenship of anyone with Haitian parents, retroactive to 1929. The ruling rendered more than 200,000 people stateless, without nationality, identity or a homeland. STATELESS traces the complex tributaries of history and present-day politics, as state-sanctioned racism seeps into mundane offices, living room meetings, and street protests. Anyone defending marginalized groups faces threats of violence. In this dangerous climate, a young attorney named Rosa Iris mounts a grassroots campaign, challenging electoral corruption and advocating for social justice. As Rosa balances her congressional run with her dedication to her family and community, the full scope of her fight is revealed. Filmed in chiaroscuro colors, and shot through with elements of magical realism, STATELESS combines gritty hidden-camera footage with the legend of a young woman fleeing brutal violence to flip the narrative axis, revealing the depths of institutionalized oppression.


Rosa Iris Diendomi-Álvarez, Teofilo Murat, Gladys Feliz

directed by

Michèle Stephenson

director's bio

As co-founding member of the Rada Film Group, filmmaker, artist, and author Micheèle Stephenson draws from her Panamanian and Haitian roots and international experience as a human-rights attorney to tell provocative stories in a variety of media that speak to personal and systemic liberation.


Michèle Stephenson


Jennifer Holness, Lea Marin, Michèle Stephenson


95 minutes


Dominican Republic, Haiti


Feature Documentary


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