Still A Slave


An artistic response to many of the comments posted on social media that undermine the Black Lives Matter Movement highlights the ways in which Black people in the UK still feel like they are slaves within modern society. What makes this film unique is its use of the art form of bboying and combines it with a flaming rope dart to illustrate the many ways in which people of color are still bound within society and treated as slaves both physically and metaphorically. The film has been audio described using The Rationale Method which utilizes emotive poetry and sound effects. What is unique about this method of audio description is that it is designed specifically to enhance accessibility to both visually impaired and sighted audiences to give them a highly enjoyable shared experience.


Nathan Geering

directed by

Nathan Geering

director's bio

Nathan Geering started his film-making journey in 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking his experience of theatre, dance and accessibility, Nathan transfers his skill set to the screen in his debut short film "Still A Slave."


Nathan Geering


Nathan Geering


5 minutes




Short Narrative