That's Wild


Growing up in Atlanta can be hard as highlighted by three real-life protagonists in That�s Wild. Sixteen-year-old Clifford tries to fill the void of his incarcerated father, 13-year-old Ahmani struggles with the aftermath of a homeless childhood, and 13-year-old Nicholas grapples with episodes of depression. When the boys sign up for the after-school program Wilderness Works, they quickly begin to unpack the negative pressures that surround them in their day-to-day lives.


Clifford Chalmers, Nicholas Burton, Ahmani Armstrong, William "Bill" Mickler, Ebonie Martin

directed by

Michiel Thomas

director's bio

Belgian native Michiel Thomas is a documentary filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. His debut documentary "Game Face" was distributed by Netflix in 2016, screened at more than 50 film festivals worldwide and won 12 awards. Michiel has worked on a wide range of subject matter and for various clients in all parts of the world such as HBO, BBC News, 60 Second Docs and TBS.


Michiel Thomas


Michael Franklin, Michiel Thomas, Ricardo Rivera, Mathew Perez Mora, Ben Severance


63 minutes




Feature Documentary


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