The Golden Record


Taino is a passionate young student who lives in Nassau, Bahamas. He's a dreamer often with his head in the clouds. His only real friend, with whom he shares everything is Elina, a bubbly, outspoken islander whose mantra in life is to be present in all moments. But Taino has a heavy secret even Elina doesn't know until now. With hands trembling and sweat pouring, Taino reveals who (or what) he really is. Awards: Best Short Film and Best Sci-fi Short, Hip Hop Film Festival 2020, New York; Best Short Film, Trinity Detroit International Film Festival 2020


Brandon C. Thomas, Elena Ester, Xander Sherman, Chase Fernander, Jaquay Adderley

directed by

Kyle Ferguson, Brandon C. Thomas

director's bio

Brandon Thomas is an actor, writer and director. Receiving millions of views through social media was his initial training ground. Kyle Ferguson is an award-winning director. His company, Jiggy Productions, has created content for major corporations, and even local artists.


Brandon C. Thomas


Rachel Thomas, Brandon Thomas


19 minutes


Bahamas, US


Short Narrative