The Laundromat (Tvättstugan)


Malika, a middle-aged Black woman, discovers that someone has left their laundry in the washer during her time slot. As a friendly gesture she puts the forgotten laundry in the dryer. But when she discovers a racist brochure with the clothes she is unable to contain her anger and throws the clothes into the trash. Soon Simon comes to get his laundry and a confrontation erupts that Malika will never forget.


Gladys del Pilar, Oskar Webrell, Felix Lundgren, John Duse, David Bustos, Pascal Andersson

directed by

Mattias Silva, Piotr Marciniak

director's bio

Mattias Silva has a background in cinematography and is known for his cinematography in commercials, music videos and the popular Swedish high school comedy Studentfesten. He has been collaborating as co-director with Piotr Marciniak since they made their final exam project Betongbarnet in the prestigious Swedish film school STDH. Piotr Marciniak has a background in screenwriting and is known for writing the popcorn suspense comedy Jönssonligan Den Perfekta Stöten and the acclaimed drama series Allt Jag Inte Minns. He has collaborated as co-director with Mattias Silva since they completed their political suspense thriller Betongbarnet at the prestigious film school STDH.


Piotr Marciniak


Sara Larsson


14 minutes




Short Narrative