The Lost Land Girl


Fulfilling their patriotic duty in the north of England on a beautiful farm, Helena tries to convince her sister Lillian, that they should leave the Women's Land Army for a better assignment elsewhere. Lillian, however, remains stubborn and refuses to go despite the racism and discrimination they have had to endure. Meanwhile fellow Land Girl Elizabeth is becoming increasingly resentful at the sisters' presence on the farm. She enlists help from Sarah to devise a plan that will get the sisters to leave. Sarah has her reservations but still helps Elizabeth. The tension between the four women begins to grow until Elizabeth makes a decision that changes everything.


Pepter Lunkuse, Ashleigh-Mae Schoburgh-Crooks, Daisy Moore, Lauren Clancey

directed by

Shakira Francis

director's bio

After beginning her career as an actress, Shakira Francis pivoted towards writing and directing. In 2018 she made her directorial debut with her short film "4C." She hasn't looked back since and continues to write, focusing on developing her first feature.


Shakira Francis


Adeyinka Akinrinade


12 minutes




Short Narrative


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