The Zoo


The Zoo tackles the often untold story of the Black experience during the Holocaust. During the Nazi Regime, Europe tried to take control of Africa. In doing so, they faced major challenges and proved unsuccessful. Frustrated, they wanted to know how Blacks were able to withstand the heat and climate, and what they deemed uncivilized conditions. Thus, they would capture and perform gruesome experiments on Black prisoners of war and local Afro German citizens - testing their skin, organs, mental capacity, education, and most importantly, their faith. This is a psychological thriller that follows the unlikely mentorship between Dr. Richter, the one performing the experiments, and one of his newest subjects, Benjamin. A book-smart Afro-German, Benjamin ends up saving Dr. Richter's life. Confused and mesmerized, Richter befriends Benjamin to learn as much as he can, forcing Benjamin on a quest for survival. The Zoo at its heart is a tale about identity, survival, and how much we are all alike.


Charles Townsend III, Brian Wallace, Aaron Cavette, Victor Kamwendo, Jon Chaffin, J. Mallory McCree, Vlad Versailles, Mel Chude, Jermaine Jacox

directed by

Denim Richards

director's bio

Denim Richards has been performing in TV and film for over 20 years. Currently on the hit series "Yellowstone," Denim has always had a desire to create original and empowering content. He is excited to present "The Zoo."


Denim Richards, Ryan Gibson


Denim Richards, Britani Golden, Ryan Gibson


23 minutes




Short Narrative


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