Trust Issues


When we meet Aliya she is vibrant, carefree, charismatic. An exciting performer projecting full sex appeal. After an experience with sexual assault, she becomes protective of her true self. She struggles to get back to the person she used to be, worried that her career will fail if she can't get back to her former self. Flash forward and we find Aliya at a low point and falling deeply into flashbacks of her sexual trauma. All is further complicated by her intimacy with love interest Dre who is kind and genuinely cares about Aliya, checking on her even when Aliya tries to ghost her. But Aliya doesn't know how she can trust anyone and isn't ready for a relationship. She must learn how to heal from the past and find her own authentic path.


Reva Santo, Cosmo Mascher, Kadar Vernes, Nona Johnson, Stephen Small-Warner

directed by

Reva Santo

director's bio

Reva Santo's films pinpoint the emotional pulse of issues faced by marginalized communities and create space for radical healing. Her films have been shown at Miami Art Basel, PRIZM art fair, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, and more.


Reva Santo


Sydni Chustz, Reva Santo


33 minutes




Short Narrative