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Not knowing where you came from can leave a big dark hole in the hearts of those put up for closed adoption. But what if, one day, that closed door opens? Are you ready for what's on the other side? Emmy Award-winning Journalist Cathleen Trigg-Jones has teamed up with Academy and Emmy Award-winning director, producer and editor Geeta Gandbhir to co-direct and produce a powerful documentary that cracks open the urgent debate over whether or not a child put up for adoption has the right know where they came from. Based on Cathleen's own heart-wrenching journey to meet the birth family she's never known, the film explores the complex question: Is denying an adoptee access to their original birth certificate a gross violation of their civil and human rights or is it a necessary legality to protect the lives and identities of parents who choose adoption?

directed by

Cathleen Trigg-Jones

director's bio

Cathleen Trigg-Jones is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, producer and CEO of the multimedia entertainment company Catscape Productions as well as the Founder of iWoman TV. Her combined business savvy and passion for storytelling has led to a diverse and expansive career in front of and behind the camera.


Theresa Buttafuoco, Crishaunda Lee Perez


80 minutes




Feature Documentary


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