Are you ready to travel around the world and back home again?

This year, the 2020 Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) MEME GENERATOR, is going to help you make your own PAFFport. Your PAFFport is designed to take you on a cinematic journey of international films by visionaries from around the globe. Simply enter the destination of your choice and PAFF will share its screening schedule of approximately 200 Black films from around the world – representing 40 countries in 26 different languages.

Like changing the lens on a camera, refocusing on our mission will improve the clarity of our vision and expand our depth perception to see the near and distant future. In 2020, PAFF’s “20/20 Vision” will create a luminous view to highlight OUR STORIES for all global communities to see.

We’ve created the hashtag #mypaffport to create a social bridge between our diverse Pan-African social communities and audiences. Please contribute to our stories by using the #mypaffport MEME GENERATOR to share your journey.

The 2020 Pan African Film Festival will be held from February 13 – 23, 2020 at the Cinemark 15 Theatres, located at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza in Los Angeles.

Make plans to travel around the world in 3 easy steps: