Special Programs


For over two decades, PAFF has worked closely with Los Angeles schools to bring
over 6,000 elementary, middle and high school students each year to attend PAFF. The program offers a free showcase of films that introduce youth to conscious and creative filmmaking as well as content that deals with issues important to youth, such as teen pregnancy, AIDS prevention, literacy, cultural and racial respect, teen self-esteem and gang prevention.

Saturday Children’s Festival

Each year, PAFF’s Saturday Children’s Festival proves to be great fun for the entire family! Over 500 children, ages 4-12, and their parents enjoy FREE kid-friendly film screenings, storytelling and activities all rooted in artistry of the cultures of Africa and its diaspora, making it the go-to event for family fun!

SpokenWord Fest

In Collaboration with Say Word

A Special Evening of the Hottest, Hippest Spoken Word Artists ANYWHERE! Produced and Hosted by Paul Mabon Music by DJ Solo.

Featured Poets:
• Lorenzo Frank
• Reverdia
• The River Woman
• Jayla Littlejohn
• Mike Davis

LOL Comedy

Catch some of America’s Funniest Young Comedians hosted by J. Anthony Brown.

PAFF Fashion Show

Wearable Art on the Move! Join the PAFF wearable art artists for a “tour de force” in high fashion with an Afro-touch.

Produced by Karimu,
Ngoma & Deveaux

Senior Connections

The Senior Connection is the most happening experience of the entire Pan African Film & Arts Festival! Packed with retired and active seniors (ages 62+), this program offers FREE, weekday afternoon screenings of select festival films, and a chance to socialize, meet other seniors and get valuable information on programs and opportunities that make the golden years even more awesome!

Screening of Ali’s Comeback: The Untold Story
Sponsored by

Filmmaker Awards Brunch

PAFF’s Filmmaker Awards Brunch is the perfect event to close out an exciting 12-day festival! A celebration of filmmakers, the experience features a catered brunch and the bestowing of coveted awards that are handmade works of art all by themselves – a majestic, reverse painted glass plate with intricate designs and a magnificent glossy finish as well as the PAFF staff, which is a regal, three-dimensional wood sculpture topped off with a silver logo that illustrates the legitimacy, capabilities, wisdom and praise of those who receive it.

2019 Winners

Best Narrative Feature
Sprinter (Jamaica) Directed by Storm Saulter
Honorable Mention: Ellen (South Africa) Directed by Daryne Joshua
Best First Feature Narrative
Skin in the Game (US) Directed by Adisa
Honorable Mention: Veronica’s Wish (Uganda) Directed by Rehema Nanfuka
Best Feature Documentary
Mr. Soul! (US) Directed by Melissa Haizlip
Honorable Mention: Oliver Tambo Have You Heard from Johannesburg (South Africa/Netherlands/ UK/US) Directed by Connie Field
Best Short Documentary
120 Years (US) Directed by Matt Nadel & Lukas Cox
Honorable Mention: The Infamous Future (US) Directed by Richard Butterworth
Best Short Narrative
Twelfth Round (Australia) Directed by Nir Shelter
Honorable Mention: Time 2 Surrender, Directed by Elvis Nolasco
PAFF Programmers’ Award-Narrative Short
The Fisherman (Ghana) Directed by Zoey Martinson
PAFF Programmers’ Award – Documentary Short
Sincerely, The Black Kids (US) Directed by Miles Iton
PAFF Programmers’ Award – Documentary Feature
Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes (UK) Directed by Sophie Huber &
Boss: The Black Experience in Business (US) Directed by Stanley Nelson
PAFF Programmers’ Award – Narrative Feature
Lara and the Beat (Nigeria) Directed by Tosin Coker
PAFF Directors’ Award – Feature Documentary
Oliver Tambo: Have You Heard from Johannesburg (South Africa/Netherlands/ UK/US) Directed by Connie Field
PAFF Directors’ Award – Feature Narrative
Nine Nights (UK) Veronica McKenzie
PAFF Directors’ Award – Narrative Short
Bail (UK) Directed by Kwame Lestrade
PAFF Directors’ Award – Documentary Short
Power to Heal (US) Directed by Charles Burnett & Daniel Loewenthal
Audience Award – Short Documentary
Bakosó: Afrobeats de Cuba (US) Directed by Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi
Audience Award – Narrative Short
Pas Honteux (US) Directed by John D. Tucker
Audience Award – Documentary Feature
Ali’s Comeback: The Untold Story (US) Directed by Art L. Jones
Audience Award – Narrative Feature
Rattlesnakes (UK/US) Directed by Julius Amedume
Best Screenplay
Reunion Written by R. Cadell Cook, II
Best Webseries
Fam Club Directed by Nick Casalini

Filmmakers Welcome Party

In life, we’re told to surround ourselves with like-minded people and the Filmmakers Welcome Party is the perfect place to do just that! The experience takes networking to a whole new level. Where else can you discuss and align with new projects while letting your hair down to enjoy a deserved beverage and party like a rock star?