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Educators, below are the film selections for the 2022 PAFF Studentfest. Questions?  Email [email protected]

The Dream WhispererThe Dream Whisperer
Dir: Eric Drath
Run time: 73 mins

In the midst of segregation, the all-black Tennessee A&I Tigers were the first collegiate basketball team to win three consecutive national championships. Yet as an HBCU, they were never duly recognized for this achievement. The team’s captain, legendary Knicks player Dick Barnett, began a movement to ensure his team would not be lost to history. His tenacity and struggle to get the Tigers into the Hall of Fame some 60 years later mirrors the team’s struggle to win the 3 championships. His efforts finally paid off in 2019.

Citizen AsheCitizen Ashe
Dir: Sam Pollard and Rex Miller
Run time: 95 mins

With unprecedented access to never-before-seen archival material, and exclusive interview audio-tapes, CITIZEN ASHE celebrates the life and legacy of the groundbreaking tennis champion and civil rights leader Arthur Ashe.

The CannonsThe Cannons
Dir: Steven Hoffner & AJ Messier
Run time: 90 mins

The Cannons is a documentary feature film following the lives of two Black teenage hockey players and one legendary coach, in one of America’s toughest neighborhoods: Southeast, Washington DC. Part coming of age story, part social-political commentary on the Black American experience, the film chronicles the Fort Dupont Cannons, one of America’s only predominately Black hockey teams, as they must overcome the challenges of life on and off the ice.

Conversations: The Black Radical TraditionConversations: The Black Radical Tradition
Dir: Edwian “Eze” Stokes
Run time: 127 mins

This epic documentary chronicles the African-American struggle for liberation in the United States from forgotten chapters of its colonial origins into a 21st century moment of mass reckoning. Conversations: first-hand accounts from legendary figures of the resistance who were driven by necessity to improve Black lives.

Learn how it all happened from the activists, revolutionaries, artists, and teachers of America’s Black resistance and community-building movements. Feel the passion and devotion, the heartbreak and fear, and the triumph and hope of those who risked everything to move history forward.

Broken ChainsBroken Chains
Dir: Michael Lints & Aaron Stewart
Run time: 90 mins

That’s not a discussion on racism. That’s not a roadmap to economic empowerment. That’s a snapshot for social media. We need a plan. This documentary —​ Broken Chains —​ is meant to give perspectives on how we move on from here. Systemic racism is prevalent in corporate life, sports, social life, etc. We can’t solve all these problems in one go but we intend to give some insight on one of the larger issues amongst people of color: access to opportunity and the generation of wealth.

The average black family has 1/10th the wealth of a white family. Less than 1% of Fortune 500 CEOs are black. Closing the black wage gap could add 2.7 trillion in income or +0.2% in GDP per year [add one punchier stat ideally about access to capital]. There is a racial disconnect in the economy at all levels, that infects every other aspect of society from education, to healthcare, to political representation. Those aren’t necessarily the words we all want to hear, but those are the facts.
Broken Chains features candid interviews with some of today’s leading economists, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and technologists. As we explore their hopes, fears, and frank assessments of what needs to be done to fix the broken economy for so many. Broken Chains’ narrative focuses on critical inflection points where institutional racism and economic reality meet – which if we get them right – hold the keys to closing the racial wealth gap in America: Education, Government & Policy, Investments, Media, Networks, Entrepreneurship, Professional Sports and Entertainment, Corporate Leadership.

Tonton ManuTonton Manu
Dir: Patrick Puzenat & Thierry Dechilly
Run time: 90 mins

This film, begun at the dawn of Manu’s eightieth birthday and completed five years later to the day, is a portrait of the great musician Manu Dibango, tireless defender of the mix of cultures that takes us to three continents. Rhythmic by a diversity of exchanges and the convictions of personalities, this sensitive and modest portrait is interspersed with moments of musical grace where the great Manu creates instances of pure emotion from his saxophone.

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