Upcoming Events

This year’s Pan African Film Festival was better than ever. We hosted more than 20 educational PAFF Institute panels and Talk 4 Reel sessions,, and more than 170 feature films and shorts. The Panels and Talk 4 Reels were well attended and a huge success! So much so, we have created a “Paff Institute Summer Series.” The PAFF Institute serves as a platform to amplify the voices of industry powerhouses, community influencers, sports figures, cultural icons, thought leaders and disruptors who seek to educate, inspire and empower those who desire personal and professional elevation. The PAFF Institute makes necessary conversations happen… and when these conversations happen, they uplift and inform!

2019 Pan African Film and Arts Festival presents AMPAFFIED Industry Pre-launch VIP Mixer

Mon, Nov19
7:00pm-9:00pm Hosted bar
9:00pm Live Performance
You and a guest are invited to an exclusive pre-launch industry mixer for The Pan African Film and Arts Festival. Afterwards, join us for an evening of musical storytelling, highlighted through the soundtracks of film and television.

Curated by: Kenneth Crouch
Presented by: Ryan Cross’ Monday Jazz Electric
Location: Riviera 31 Lounge SOFITEL HOTEL
8555 Beverly Blvd West Hollywood, Ca 90048
Cost: FREE – please RSVP by noon 11/19 to ampaffiedevents@gmail.com

Hand Over the Mic – Voiceovers and the World Stage

Sat, Nov10 2018
Featured: Iona Morris, Blackish dialogue coach, actress, voiceover artist, director, writer, producer and the world stage! Iona has done it all and has a distinguished and lengthy career in the industry. Carrol Kimble, “Carroll hears voices…” No–not of little men from outer space buy voices of radio, television, film, and animation! Be it a video game, movie trailer, commercial spot, promo or film-Carroll Kimble knows a great voice to fit any project.
Moderated by: Sherri G. Sneed, Producer/Director of Possibilities.

BYOB Be Your Own Brand

Sat, Sep29 2018
“The Power of being your own brand – Learn how to be your own brand in the entertainment industry”
Our audience had the chance to be part of this powerful, informative session on how to BE YOUR OWN BRAND!
Featured: Shelia Coates, The Brand Expert. Shelia has been featured in Black Enterprise magazine and the Steve Harvey Morning Show.

PGA Producers Panel

Sat, Aug25 2018
The Producers Guild of America focused on the importance of developing story lines, pitching, packaging, financing and marketing! The outstanding PGA-Diversity program has ignited careers for 14 years now. Imagine talking to industry executives about your unique projects. The program exists to help nurture creativity and the diverse perspectives from people from all walks of life and on multiple platforms.
Moderated by: Sasheen Artis, Co-chair PGA Power of Diversity Master Workshop, writer and producer.

How to Create and Monetize Digital Content

Sat, Jul28 2018
J. Christopher Hamilton, host of the Brooklyn Boardroom podcast that goes behind the curtain with Black and Sexy TV team to discuss how they create, cast, produce and distribute their hit digital shows. Our attendees learned directly from producers, writers, actors and business leaders that keep this independently-financed and black-owned digital media company competitive in today’s marketplace for compelling black content.
Featured: Black and Sexy TV
Hosted by: J. Christopher Hamilton

The Power of Music in Film and TV

Sat, Jun30 2018
“The Power of Music in Film/TV” featured Film composers, Film supervisors, music producer, music engineers, sound mixers, and others interested in the art of film scoring. The audience learned the crucial contribution music plays to help or enhance the storytelling. They also learned that when music is used properly in a movie it can set the mood, highlight certain events, cue a theme and creates emotion. The goal for the Panel was to discuss the magic of music behind films and TV and the many jobs in this industry.
Panelists: Kurt Farquhar, television and film composer, seven-time BMI award winner. Reggie Wilson, Owner – Guardian Music Services, Former VP, Walt Disney Pictures, Music Production. Karen Elaine, acclaimed viola who works include soundtracks of “Coco”. Stephen James Taylor, composer best known for his film and TV scores, four-time Emmy Nominated. Greg Hedgepath, Supervising Sound Editor has worked in film and Television sound for more than 20 years. He is a two-time Golden Reel Award winner.
Moderator: Marilyn Batchelor – Has more than 20 years in the business and is one of the most respected entertainment marketing executives in the business. She has successfully marketed more than 15 movie soundtracks. She is also an Emmy winner, and has marketed more than 25 Grammy-award winning titles.

Jobs behind the camera

Sat, May19 2018
The goal for the Panel was to discuss the Hollywood landscape and the other opportunities in the film and television industry that most people are not aware of and how you maneuver into these positions.
Panelists: Kokayi Ampah, Location Manager. Leander Sales, Editor. Teri Brown, Writer.
Moderator: Sherri G. Sneed, Producer/Director of Possibilities.