Allohn Agbenya

Originally from Ghana, Allohn’s artistic activity began at the age of eight, when he worked with his father hand carving furniture. This was talent recognized by his fellow students and teachers. He started carving wood sculptures, working with clay, oil painting, and screen printing.

After earning a B.A. in fine arts from the University of Science & Technology in Kumasi, he studied art with famed artist Michelline in Italy. He returned to Ghana and worked for the Catholic Cambodian Mission designing the ebony, gold, and ivory sculpture presented to Pope John Paul upon his visit to Togo in 1985.

In 1989, Allohn moved to the United States where he drew upon his creative visions as a multimedia artist. His ability to design prints for textiles and his batik work was quickly recognized by professionals in the entertainment and artistic community. He is now a premiere artist specializing in hand-dyed, hand-crafted wearable art for men and women.