A Son (Un Fils)

Starting out with a depiction of the Arab world that bucks the preconceptions of Western viewers, a group of cosmopolitan friends are gathered for a picnic. They laugh, drink beer, tell dirty jokes, and speculate on politics. It’s 2011, less than a year after the democratization of that country. But things are still dangerous. After the picnic, Fares, his wife Meriam and their son Aziz head off for a weekend resort. On the way, their car is ambushed by terrorists and Aziz is gravely wounded. He’ll need a liver transplant if he’s to live. While Fares goes to get a change of clothing and Meriam sits alone on vigil with her son, she learns from Aziz’ doctor that that tests show she is the wrong blood type and Fares’ liver won’t do for a partial donation. She also learns that Fares can’t be Aziz’ biological father and only the biological father can approve a transplant if and when a match is found.

Roux’s Blues: Promise Me, You’ll Be There

“Roux’s Blues: Promise Me, You’ll Be There” follows the journey of a Black queer millennial named Roux, as he balances personal and professional life, maintains friendships, explores sexuality and deals with mishaps and misfortune associated with a recent break-up. We get to explore intimate relationships, support, lack of access to resources, health equity, integrity, and what life looks like in the attempt to grow. “Roux’s Blues” is an ode to self-care.

This is My Black

ENCORE PRESENTATION VIRTUAL SCREENING | BUY TICKETS   Things have drastically changed for the choir students at Pine Forge Academy, a historically Black boarding school nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania. […]

Bo Legs: Marvin Arrington, Sr., An Atlanta Story

Marvin Arrington Sr. is one of Atlanta’s most significant political leaders yet one of its least recognized. Arrington helped to transform the city of his birth from a segregated, provincial town of the Deep South into the international metropolis that it is today. This documentary takes viewers on the journey of one man’s inspired love for a major city and his visionary work for its eventual transformation.